Domestic Vessel Services


The Antigua Department of Marine Services (ADOMS) is the Authority with full responsibility for the Registration, Licensing and Regulation of all small pleasure craft and small commercial vessels.

Enforcement of the regulations is through Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force and Coast Guard.

In recent years there have been several serious incidents on vessels operating in Antigua and Barbuda waters, engaged in trading between the islands. Based on the volume of commercial and pleasure traffic within these islands this is significant safety issue.

It is corporate risk to the Antigua and Barbuda government not to address this and have in place enforceable regulations to ensure that all operations, both commercial and pleasure, in Antigua and Barbuda waters, are carried out safely and that these small vessels are fit for their intended purpose.

Small commercial vessels are regulated by the IMO Small Commercial Vessel (SCV) Code which applies to vessels operating commercially , trading in the Caribbean area, which are 5 metres or more in length and less than 24 metres in length.

Small pleasure craft, are regulated by the Small Craft Control (SCC) Code which applies to vessels operating for pleasure, operating in Antigua and Barbuda waters, which are less than 24 metres in length.

It is important that all operators and stakeholders engage with this marine safety regime and promote and support the required safety standards, which is vital in ensuring continued development of the economy, businesses and tourism for these islands.

Further information can be obtained from ADOMS Technical Department:

Telephone +1 (268) 462 1273