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Merchant Ships (above 500 GT)

All International Registered Ship surveys and inspections are arranged and coordinated through ADOMS IID.

Antigua and Barbuda operates a system of regular inspections for its ships. The inspections are conducted by a large group of authorized inspectors based in locations all around the world. Most ships, other than new ships less than 12 months old, are subjected to an initial inspection before registry, then once registered, they fall within the annual inspection regime.

There are three types of inspection:

  • The Initial Safety Inspection (ISI) which takes place at the time of registry for any ship of more than 12 months in age.
  • The Annual Safety Inspection (ASI) which takes place at intervals of not more than 18 months for all ships (the interval varies depending on the results of the last inspection).
  • The Special Safety Inspection (SSI) which is required when there is a special need, such as when a ship is detained by Port State Control or in the case of a justified Seafarer complaint under MLC (2006).

Merchant Ships (under 500 GT)

Survey and inspections are arranged and coordinated by ADOMS St. Johns under the Code of Safety for Small Commercial Vessels (SCV Code) or the Code of Safety for Caribbean Cargo Ships (CCSS Code).  To arrange survey and certification owners should contact ADOMS St. John’s directly.

Commercial Yachts

Antigua and Barbuda has an agreement with the International Yacht Bureau (IYB) www.yachtbureau.org for the survey and certification of commercial yachts under the Small Commercial Vessel (SCV) and Pilot Boat Code, or the Red Ensign Group Yacht Code Parts A&B.

IYB is able to undertake full certification including tonnage, loadline, stability assessment, MARPOL and Code certification for commercial yachts of under 500 GT.  Only the Safe Manning Document, and the bunkers certificate (if required) need to be issued by ADOMS.   Initial and annual surveys can be undertaken by IYB who have surveyors stationed widely around the world.   To arrange survey and certification owners should contact IYB directly.

In the case of newbuildings, ADOMS can arrange for necessary site visits and certification to be undertaken by an IYB surveyor.

IYB is also authorised to conduct ISM and ISPS audits and inspections and DOC audits on behalf of Antigua and Barbuda.

Pleasure Yachts

No survey or inspection is required at this time. However, at the discretion of the Administration and for larger pleasure yachts current and valid class and statutory certificates and a current list of firefighting and life-saving appliances are required.