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Officer's Endorsements

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Antigua and Barbuda does not issue Certificates of Competency.  Therefore all officers at the operational and management level serving on Antigua and Barbuda ships are required to have an Antigua and Barbuda endorsement to their existing certificate  (STCW Regulation I/10).

Antigua and Barbuda currently has undertakings with the following countries and is able to issue endorsements to certificates of competency issued by them:

Argentina Czech Republic Honduras Myanmar Singapore United States of America
Australia Denmark Hungary Netherlands Slovak Republic Vietnam
Bangladesh Dominica Iceland New Zealand Slovenia
Belgium Egypt India Norway South Africa
Brazil Estonia Indonesia Pakistan Spain
Bulgaria Ethiopia Ireland Panama Sri Lanka
Canada Fiji Islands Italy Peru Sweden
Cabo Verde Finland Jamaica Philippines Thailand
Chile France Kiribati Poland Turkey
China Georgia Korea Portugal Tuvalu
Croatia Germany Latvia Romania Ukraine
Cuba Ghana Lithuania Russia United Kingdom
Cyprus Greece Montenegro Serbia Uruguay

Applications for endorsements must be made through a recognized Filing Agent.  The individual seafarer, manager, or owner can prepare the application but must submit it to a Filing Agent to be finalized. The Filing Agent will confirm authenticity of documents and signatures and then submit the application to the flag State.