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This Publication index is categorized in alphabetical order according to subject matter. It provides the most current version of all the Directives and Circulars that ships flying the Antigua and Barbuda flag are required to comply with.

The most current versions of all publications are available in the Information Center .  Please note that previous versions (which may have been printed or downloaded) are removed and are no longer published and should be disregarded.

Accident Reporting

Air Pollution

Alcohol Limits




Crew Accommodation

Directive 002-2013 Crew Accommodation

This Directive replaces the previous Directive on this subject.  It applies the requirements of the ILO conventions 92 and 133 to Antigua and Barbuda ships in the same way as the previous Directive, but it adds in a requirement to carry certification to show that the...

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Drinking Water

Directive 002-2005 Drinking Water Standards (amended)

This Directive was first issued in 2005 and sets out the requirements for annual testing of ship's drinking water.  It is amended in 2013 to include more clarity on standards, methods of sampling, and an allowance for self-testing provided the testing regime is more...

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Electronic Certification

Emergency contact arrangements and out of hours service

Energy Efficieny



Declaration of Familiarisation for Senior Officers

This Declaration is required to be signed by all senior officers as a part of their application for an Antigua and Barbuda endorsement.  The Declaration confirms that the applicant is familiar with the Senior Officer's Handbook which sets out the essential aspects of...

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Senior Officer’s Handbook

This is the essential guide to Antigua and Barbuda requirements for Senior Officers serving in Antigua and Barbuda ships.  It contains the key information needed to meet the requirements of Regulation I/10.2 of STCW for officers at the management level under II/2,...

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Fire Fighting

Garbage Record Book

Inventory of Hazardous Materials

ISM Code


Life jackets

Lifesaving Appliances

Lifting Appliances

Directive 001-2022 Testing of Lifting Appliances

This Directive may be cited as the Antigua and Barbuda Merchant Shipping (Testing of Lifting Appliances) Directive 2022 and shall come into force on 1 December 2022. It revokes and replaces Directive 002-2012 Lifting Appliances

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Magnetic Compass

Maritime Cyber risk management

Maritime Cyber security

Maritime Labor Convention

MARPOL Electronic record books 

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Means of Embarkation

Medical Stores

Directive 002-2022 Ships Medical Stores

This Directive may be cited as the Merchant Shipping (Ship’s Medical Stores) Directive 2022 and shall come into force on 1 December 2022. It revokes and replaces Directive 01-2005 Ships Medical Stores.

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Merchant Shipping Act

Antigua and Barbuda Merchant Shipping Act, 2006

This is the primary law of Antigua and Barbuda relating to the registry of ships and the maintenance of safety standards.  This act implements international rules and regulations and provides generally for the regulation of ships flying the flag of Antigua and Barbuda.

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Directive 004-2013 STCW Tribunal Directive

This Directive replaces the previous Directive setting out the composition and rules of operation for a Tribunal set up under the Merchant Shipping Act provisions to deal with alleged cases of misconduct by officers holding Antigua and Barbuda endorsements.  The...

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Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)


SOLAS Circular 2013-003 (Rev 2) Piracy and Armed Robbery

This Circular provides information on the interpretation and guidance on the regulatory regime and industry best practices, along with the expectations and requirements of the Administration in respect of piracy and armed robbery against ships and their crew.

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Polar Code

Port State Control

Recycling of ships



Safe Manning

IMO Principles of Safe Manning

This is the current version of the IMO's Principles of Safe Manning.  It contains guidance on the processes required to assess the minimum safe manning for a ship.

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Seafarer Documentation


CSR Form 2- change of CSR details

This form is to be used when any of the details contained in the ship’s CSR are to be changed.   All the data fields should be completed, but fields which are not changed should be entered as N/C.  One copy of the Form 2 is to be retained on the ship’s CSR file on...

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CSR Form 3 (Index of changes) blank form

This form is to be used to record changes to the ship's current CSR.  The changes should all be listed and the Form 3 listing them inserted in the CSR file where it is to remain permanently.  On recording changes on this Form, the Company or the Master should also...

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