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Fees for registry and other services are competitive and simple, and are regularly reviewed to ensure that they reflect real value for the services offered. As a general proposition, the fees for registry are inclusive of the provision of essential documents, exemptions and certificates. The intention is an easily understood and predictable scale of fees that is fully inclusive so that owners can be assured that once the annual fees are paid, there will be no more charges for certificates or documents relating to the ship.

As of 1 January 2023, the revised service fees below will apply ​to all services provided by ADOMS to all vessels, irrespective of their dates of registration.




General Service Fees:

No.  Service Item  Fee 
1 Mortgage registration 350 
2 Complete new set of trading certificates 350 
3 Certificate of Deletion 300 
4 LRIT Conformance Test Report (after initial issue) 200 
5 Transcript of Register (other than owner’s request) 175 
6 Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR) (lump sum per year) 150 
7 Copy of any certificate 150 

Fees for Seafarer’s documents:

No.  Service Item  Fee 
8 Seafarer’s Book 80 
9 Officer’s Endorsement of a Certificate of Competency 90 
10 GMDSS Endorsement 75 
11 Special Qualifications Endorsement 60 
12 Renewal/revalidation of a Seafarer’s Book/Endorsement 60 
13 Change of personal data in seafarer’s document 40 

Fees for services carried out by ADOMS IID:

No.  Service Item  Fee 
14 Initial Safety Inspection (ISI) (applicable to vessels in service > 12 months) 1550.00 
15 Annual Safety Inspection (ASI) 1500.00 
16 Special Safety Inspection (SSI) (in the event of a detention or justified seafarer’s complaint) 1750.00