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Memoranda of Understanding on Port State Control

The Antigua and Barbuda flag remains on the “white list” of the Paris and Tokyo MOUs. It is important that we strive to improve the Port State Control (PSC) performance of Antigua and Barbuda flagged vessels to ensure that unnecessary burdens are not placed on seafarers and ship operators due to perceived risk factors adopted by some organizations involved in the shipping industry.

PSC Analysis

PSC data is widely available from various sources and is monitored by ADOMS to identify areas for improvement which our Inspectors can promulgate to vessels when they visit. The Administration expects all vessels to be compliant with international and national requirements at all times and therefore ready for inspection in order to minimize the risk of incurring deficiencies when visiting foreign ports.

Notwithstanding this, the Administration recognizes that ship management is a demanding and complex operation, and therefore deficiencies may be found when a fresh pair of eyes examines the vessel, as is the case with PSC inspections.

Ship Emergency Systems

The Administration wishes to emphasize that whenever problems occur with a vessel’s emergency systems, ADOMS’ approval must be obtained to put in place appropriate arrangements to ensure that an equivalent level of safety is maintained onboard. Apart from the safety implications, failure to do so makes a vessel very liable to be detained by Port State Control Officers.