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Small Craft Licensing & Registration

Licensing and Registration

These are two separate processes.

Licensing is addressing the operational and technical safety of the small craft. It is compulsory for all powered craft below 24 metres in length and for all other small craft above 5 metres in length. A voluntary safety scheme applies to non powered pleasure craft below 5 metres in length. Commercial fishing vessels that are solely engaged in fishing are exempt and these vessels are licensed with Fisheries Division. If engaged in sports, or recreational fishing then these craft still require ADOMS licensing.

Registering is only required if you want to also use your craft outside of Antigua and Barbuda waters. This process refers to the right of your craft to fly the Antigua and Barbuda Flag, as the visible statement of being governed and protected by the Antigua and Barbuda Law and is  comparable to a passport for your boat. For more information, see our registration section.

Any craft below 24 metres in length being registered and operating within Antigua and Barbuda waters, must also be licensed,.

All commercial operators are required to have a Boatmaster licence issued by ADOMS


Click Here to download the combined Application for Registration  and Licensing 

Please complete as much of the form as is relevant to your application.

The following documents are required along with the completed form:

  1. Valid Government issued photo identification.
  2.  Proof of Ownership (Bill of Sale, Invoice, Affidavit).
  3.  Vessel Specifications (Builders Certificate, Brochure, etc.)

Small Commercial Vessels (SCV) additionally require proof of Third Party Liability Insurance.

Our Licensing fees are as follows (Eastern Caribbean Dollars – XCD):

Inspection and License for small pleasure craft : $372

Inspection and License for small pleasure Jet Ski: $400

Small Commercial Vessel Certification (below 5 meters (16.5 ft)): $527

Small Commercial Vessel Certification (below 10m (30ft)): $837

Small Commercial Vessel Certification (from 10m (>30ft) up to 24m (80ft)): $1580

Click here to download the application for Boatmaster/Engineer License

The following documents are required along with the signed and completed form:

  1. Passport Size Photo (1 ¾ X 1 ¼, colored, white background, if scanned- 300 dpi resolution)
  2. Proof of Identity ( photo I.D, valid passport for Seafarers Book)
  3. Medical Fitness Certificate (valid)
  4. Basic Safety Training Certificate (refresher training, if applicable for renewals)
  5. Declaration from Training Institute

Boatmaster Licence fees  are as follows (Eastern Caribbean Dollars – XCD)

Initial and Renewals: $270

Contact ADOMS Technical Division for further information

ADOMS Survey scheduling
Please note that a date and time for a survey/ inspection must be agreed between the owner/operator/representative and an ADOMS surveyor.Either party can, within a reasonable time request to re-schedule or cancel the booking.If the attending ADOMS surveyor is not able to get safe or reasonable access to the vessel and/or the owner/operator/representative is not present at the agreed date and time or cancels the inspection without reasonable cause then a re-survey/inspection fee will be charged.
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