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Voluntary Safety Identification

This voluntary safety scheme applies to non-powered pleasure craft under 5 metres in length.

It includes all waterborne craft, such as kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, windsurf/sailboards, kite boards, sailing craft etc.

When you are engaged in watersports activities at sea and you get into difficulty and for whatever reason are unable to raise assistance, is there anyone ashore who knows what to do if you fail to return at your estimated time?

Would a friend or relative know who to contact and would they know sufficient detail about your pleasure craft and your likely whereabouts to assist ABDF CG and ABSAR locate you?

Would it not be a comfort when you set out for your watersports to know that ABDG CG and ABSAR have some details of you, your craft and likely whereabouts on a small craft database, should you get into difficulty at sea?

This scheme is free and is for the benefit of the owners of these pleasure craft.

Complete the form at ADOMS office or register online, giving details of type of craft, size and colour, lifesaving equipment, usual area(s) of operation and details of a shore contact, in order to assist ABDF CG and ABSAR, should search and rescue action ever become necessary.

The information provided will only be used for SAR and safety purposes.

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