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The requirements for to qualify as a person who can own an Antigua and barbuda ship  are common to all vessel types.   The full details are in the Merchant Shipping Act  but in summary a vessel may be registered in Antigua and Barbuda  if the owner is either:

  • A Citizen of Antigua and Barbuda or of a Member State of the Caribbean Community or the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States.
  • A legal corporate body in Antigua and Barbuda,
  • A corporation registered under the International Business Corporation Act,
  • A corporate body or a partnership concern registered elsewhere which is registered under the Companies Act.

A public body is authorised if it is established under and subject to the laws of Antigua and Barbuda and has its principle place of business in Antigua and Barbuda, or appoints a resident agent in Antigua and Barbuda and has at least 51% of its share capital held by citizens of Antigua and Barbuda while the majority of Directors are citizens.

Creating an IBC (International Business Company) under the International Business Corporation Act  or registering an external company are the two easiest and simplest ways for international shipping companies to meet the ownership requirements.  There are a number of companies locally in Antigua who can assist in arranging this and in setting up bareboat charter companies in Antigua for vessels registered as chartered bareboats.