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In general, technical policy decisions are made by technical professionals in ADOMS St. John’s supported by the satellite offices.  Technical Services address the operational interpretation of international maritime conventions, instruments and regulations and provide direct support to shipowners in their implementation.  Technical Services also encompass the responsibility for the contractual arrangements with the Recognized Organizations (ROs) and for direct oversight through regular monitoring of their performance as required by the IMO.

ADOMS Oldenburg has a key role in the provision of Technical Services and is assigned most of the day to day work of documentation and certification for Antigua and Barbuda ships.  Being located close to a large section of the registry’s customers also allows exemptions and temporary permissions as well as other documents to be quickly and efficiently delivered.

ADOMS IID comprises of the ADOMS Flag State Inspection Division and the Independent ADOMS Marine Accident Investigation Division. ADOMS IID executes its portfolio responsibility in line with all applicable IMO Flag State Requirements and the ADOMS ISO certified Quality Management System. 

All offices work closely together to deliver sound Technical Services to customers and have established a means for technical queries to be addressed expeditiously on a 24/7 basis.