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The Administration


The Antigua and Barbuda Department of Marine Services and Merchant Shipping (ADOMS) is the Maritime Administration of Antigua and Barbuda and is responsible for the Ship Registry with its principal/head office located in St. John’s, Antigua and supported by two branch offices in Germany, ADOMS Oldenburg and ADOMS IID/Elsfleth operated by Meridian Shipping Service GmbH and MARCARE – Maritime Consulting and Research GmbH, respectively.  The Maritime Administration operates within the regulatory dimension of the International Maritime Shipping Industry. 

ADOMS actively participates in relevant local and international maritime fora, and provides direct technical assistance to all Government agencies that have local maritime responsibilities as well as international obligations under the port and coastal State dimensions of all International Maritime Conventions that Antigua and Barbuda is a party to.

ADOMS strives to operate a quality maritime administration with a comparative advantage by adopting roles and functions with respect to regulation, maritime affairs and policy.  The Department is governed by and must operate according to regulations outlined in international law. 

ADOMS’ Roles and Functions:


1. Registration of commercial and pleasure vessels; and

2. Registration and maintenance of transfers, transmissions, mortgages and maritime liens.


1. Survey of Antigua and Barbuda registered vessels world-wide;

2. Port State Control of vessels in Antigua and Barbuda waters;

3. The issue of statutory certificates; and

4. The issue of crew endorsements and seafarer’s books.


1. Draft and update Antigua and Barbuda Shipping Legislation;

2. Incorporate International Law and Conventions into shipping legislation where appropriate to Antigua and Barbuda;

3. Carry out Flag State action regarding Port State Control (PSC) interventions by other States on Antigua and Barbuda flagged vessels;

4. Act as point of contact for prosecution of offences under the MSA, including offences related to marine pollution;

5. Act as point of contact for Search and Rescue (SAR) in conjunction with security forces and other relevant bodies;

6. Act as point of contact for other government departments and interested bodies for the purpose of determining how the relevant flag, port and coastal state obligations and responsibilities relating to maritime safety and protection of the marine environment are carried out by Antigua and Barbuda.

7. Issue of advice to the shipping industry through Notices or similar system;

8. Participate in international assemblies, forums and conferences; and

9. Promote the registry both locally and internationally.


1. Advise the Government on maritime policy as it pertains to Antigua and Barbuda. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Maritime Administration, law and international requirements;
  • International and regional developments that affect Antigua and Barbuda; and
  • Maritime conventions, treaties and agreements that are pertinent to Antigua and Barbuda.

2. Advise the private sector on matters pertaining to Maritime Administration.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • Vessel registration;
  • Survey requirements;
  • Vessel compliance; and
  • Regulation and Legislation.