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Pleasure Yachts

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Pleasure yachts, and any other vessels,  that engage in international voyages, in other words voyages that involve travel to a country outside Antigua and Barbuda, or between any other two countries require to be registered and fly the flag of their country of registry.

Antigua and Barbuda offers an excellent option for the registry of pleasure yachts.  The process of registry is simple and fast.

To register a pleasure yacht in Antigua and Barbuda the owner must be;

  • A Citizen of Antigua and Barbuda or of a Member State of the Caribbean Community or the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States.
  • A legal corporate body in Antigua and Barbuda such as an IBC,
The procedure for registry of a pleasure yacht is very simple and merely requires submission of a small set of key documents.  These are:

  • Proof of ownership, which may be a Bill of sale, or a paid receipt for new boats.
  • Certificate of deletion from  the previous registry if there is one,
  • Proof of eligibility which may be a copy of a passport for CARICOM nationals, or a copy of the certificate of Incorporation for corporate entities.
  • Certificate of continued good standing for corporate entities over 1 year old.

Where documents are submitted by post they need to be notarised copies but where the registry is transacted in person at the Antigua and Barbuda registry offices we will make copies of original documents here.

Pleasure yachts are not allowed to operate commercially, that is, they may not charter or otherwise receive money for providing services.  The fees for pleasure yacht registry are modest and the process can be completed very quickly.  Registry also allows the owner at any time, to demonstrate his legal ownership of the yacht which is helpful in the event that he wishes to sell it.

No survey or inspection is required on registry.

For larger pleasure yachts compliance with some of the international conventions may be required.  As a guide:

  • New Yachts over 200 GT and yachts under 200 GT carrying more than 10 persons need an International Sewage Pollution Prevention certificate
  •  Yachts over 400 GT  need to have an International Oil Pollution Prevention certificate (IOPP Certificate),  and an International Air Pollution Prevention certificate (IAPP) .

The survey and subsequent issue of these certificates can be completed by any of the Recognised Organisations accepted by Antigua and Barbuda.