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Antigua and Barbuda offers an excellent and reputable option for the registry of yachts. Registration is simple and can be completed very quickly. Antigua and Barbuda has adopted into its law the essential and commonly used Codes which are internationally accepted as equivalent arrangements to the international conventions, and which have been notified as such to the IMO.  They are designed with the particular requirements of commercially operating yachts in mind. 

 Pleasure yachts are yachts not carrying passengers for hire, not engaged in trade or commerce, and being used solely for the pleasure or recreational purposes of its owner.  Antigua and Barbuda currently has no specific regulations governing pleasure yachts internationally however larger pleasure yachts must comply with the relevant international conventions as applicable.   Commercial yachts are yachts engaged in trade, commerce, or on charter. 

Yacht Registration and its associated services may be completed through the ADOMS Offices in St. John’s, Miami or Valletta. 

For more information on the Registration/Ownership requirements for Antigua and Barbuda flagged vessels, please click here.

Application Procedure

  1. Complete Application Form
    • Forms can be collected from the ADOMS Office or
    • Click Here to download the Application for Registration and Licensing
    • Click Here to fill in the registration and licensing documents checklist
  2. Return application form with supporting documents to ADOMS by:
    • In-person submission at the ADOMS Office; or
    • Email application form and supporting documents to technical@abregistry.ag
  3. Payment of fees based on the invoice provided by ADOMS:
    • In-person payment at the ADOMS Office (cash, cheque, credit/debit card); or
    • Email submission of Credit Card Authorization (form available upon request); or
    • Wire transfer (bank details available upon request)