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Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance (DMLC) Part I

This is the Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance Part I. This document is prepared by the flag State and outlines each element of the flag State’s laws that gives effect to the Maritime Labour Convention 2006. It is the reference source for inspectors both for...

Medical Report Form

This form may be used to record information when transferring seafarers between ship and shore medical facilities in accordance with Title 4 (Standard A4.1.2) of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 and Antigua and Barbuda DMLC Part I- 12(b)

CSR Form 2- change of CSR details

This form is to be used when any of the details contained in the ship’s CSR are to be changed.   All the data fields should be completed, but fields which are not changed should be entered as N/C.  One copy of the Form 2 is to be retained on the ship’s CSR file on...