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Launch of New ADOMS Website

The new website of the Department of Marine Services and Merchant Shipping (ADOMS) was officially launched in February 2013.  This new site www.abregistry.ag is the final component in the re branding exercise of ADOMS that began in 2009. It was specifically designed to be visually appealing representing the level of professionalism that the Administration has to offer.  It reflects ADOMS’ role as both the Maritime Administration and the flag registry of Antigua and Barbuda.  The menu feature of the site allows for the better organization of the documents available to our clients.  In creating the new website, an opportunity has been taken to review and update all the administration’s Circulars ensuring that the latest guidance and advice is readily available. Every component of the site works quickly and efficiently and facilitates easy navigation to ensure that our customers are able to find required information and make queries where necessary.  We are also pleased to provide a news section which now allows visitors to keep abreast of the latest developments within ADOMS and its interaction with the wider maritime community in meeting its international obligations.