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Incident Report Form

If a vessel is involved in an accident that results in injury to a person who requires medical treatment beyond first aid, but not admittance to hospital, or that causes minor property damage, the owner or operator shall complete this accident report form and submit...

The Small Craft (Control) Regulations 2017

These regulations apply to small craft licensed in Antigua and Barbuda , or operating within Antigua and Barbuda waters, irrespective of whether the small craft is also licensed or registered under any other law in Antigua and Barbuda.

Information for visiting Ships

This provides details of the required information under the Small Craft (Control) Regulations 2017 relevant to visiting ships

The Shipping (Small Commercial Vessels) Regulations 2008

These regulations apply the Caribbean Small Commercial Vessels Code to vessels operating in Antigua and Barbuda and less than 24 metres in length and to Antigua and Barbuda  registered commercial vessels of less than 24 metres operating on international voyages in the...

Code of Safety for Small Pleasure Craft – SCC Code 2017

This is the 2017 version of the Small Craft Control Code that applies to all pleasure craft  operating in Antigua and Barbuda waters of less than 24 metres in length, whether non self-propelled, power driven,maneuvered by oars, or poles, or under sail. It also...